Professional Coaching

“Kathy’s coaching brought me an understanding of today’s workplace and employers’ needs that really changed my perspective and improved my job search efforts. She provided a tailored resume/cover letter and I got the job as my last interview went really well because of her coaching – I strongly recommend her engaging, informed, virtual services to you.”
Sharon P.

Start with an obligation free, quick phone or virtual chat to get acquainted to see if we're a good fit. We'll review your needs, discuss your goals,  my fees and GROW coaching approach to each session to help you move forward.


G - Goals & session objectives

At our first session, we'll work towards pinpointing your SMART goal(s) and timelines . Some examples could include:

By my timeline goal I will:

  • research & register for an online retraining/learning program (e.g. Project Management) to achieve the designation (e.g. PMP)
  • identify 5 specific organizations in metro St. John's or Calgary where the culture, values, and work appeal to me.
  • add 3 recommendations to my LinkedIn profile that endorse my skills.
  • make one key LinkedIN connection in each of the 5 specific organizations where work appeals to me.
  • research & secure a board volunteer position with an organization that supports the needy or youth at risk in the St. John's metro area.



R - Reality - where are you now?

- What are references and assessments suggesting about you and your work? - What's working in moving you forward? - What's holding you back a little? - Which options have you pursued?


O - Options

Together we explore options (e.g. research a company, make a phone call, watch a video, review a web site, listen to a podcast, read an article) to achieve each session's objective to move you forward step-by-step to achieving your larger SMART goal(s).


W - Wrap up & look forward

You decide the options you will pursue and I'll email you an overview after every session along with a draft outline for our next session which you are encouraged to edit. You will also receive a reading, image or video that are chosen just for you, if you wish to fast track your learning and movement forward. You're in charge, always.

Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching, Training, Facilitation & Evaluation with Kathy Hickman B.A.,B. Ed., MBA

Career & Work Coaching

  • Bring focus and increased confidence to you job search
  • Preparing your 'picture perfect, targeted' resume and cover letter
  • Drafting/revising your LinkedIn profile    
  • Clarifying and articulating the specific value you offer employers
  • Preparing international/domestic students and diverse workers to succeed in their career planning and job search 
  • Acing your next interview - be prepared, confident and informed
  • Supporting managers/supervisors (especially if newly appointed or struggling) by providing professional, private work coaching
  • Deepening your understanding of today's evolving hiring trends/practices and employers' viewpoints 


Career Development & Success

  • Learning how to continually plan, protect, and advance your career
  • Improving your presentation delivery and report writing skills, both domestic and international persons   
  • Mastering how to effectively grow your network in meaningful ways 
  • Strengthening your presentation skills and boosting your career confidence and opportuntities 
  • Exploring strategies for you to be more productive/content at work to more effectively lead/support your team
  • Regularly scheduled coaching sessions to ensure your ongoing achievement of specific business, team or work goals       
  • Strategicially choosing  community involvement that reflects your interests and strengths
  • Virtual and in-person coaching for grads, mid-career workers, and retirees to move forward at  your pace and in your chosen direction   

On-Going Client Success


Professional coaching is a valuable tool at many milestones in your life.  You invest endless hours in the car and house you will buy.  Yet, you probably invest few hours in researching the type of career you prefer or seek. And, your work ultimately pays for your car and house. You spend most of your life working or thinking about work. Invest in yourself and move yourself forward with a career coach, like me!

School Admission


Plan admission to professional schools, such as Medicine, Optometry and Pharmacy

Starting your Career


Land work term placements or 

first jobs after graduation



Transition to a new career or pursue an opportunity to serve on a board or a community organization 

Protection & Promotion of your Present Position

Focus on showing the value you bring & advancing your career

Moving you forward

Your friends and family cannot provide the objective, informed perspective that I bring you in reviewing your background, pinpointing your unique strengths and planning your career forward.


Today's dynamic workplace is more demanding and diverse than ever before - and, I will help you move forward with more confidence.