B.A., B.Ed., MBA


Always devoted to advancing my career, I’m known for usually seeing things a little differently and considering the impact of trends on employment.

And, many, many times in my career journey I have heard: “that’s not gonna work Kathy”. Yet, I have always moved my career forward, and succeeded despite sometimes loud discouragements. Listen to your heart, be true to your values, interests, set your goals, and invest significant effort – there is, almost, always a way to get where you want to go. You just need a plan and support from an experienced, caring career/work coach who finds her career satisfaction in seeing ‘YOU’ move your career forward in a manner and at a speed that suits ‘YOU’. 


So, be prepared for an interactive, engaging, and reflective coaching and learning experience. And, always with a little bit of serious fun! I’m a foodie, dog lover, trend/futurist watcher, and learning addict who brings clients messages and personal reflection in a ‘manner that sticks’ 

About Kathy

Why Hickman Consulting?


 Action Orientated, Intuitive Professional 

Devoted to ensuring your total satisfaction by delivering contracted services as agreed, on-time and on-budget. 



30 years of diverse and proven success in the private, voluntary and public sector along with 15 years in effective leadership as demonstrated by receipt of an Award of Excellence for Leadership. 


Personalized Service 

Guaranteed direct communication with Kathy Hickman at all times to ensure you receive individualized services. 


Fee Conscious 

Your needs and fee structure are discussed and confirmed at the start of all projects - so that you stay in control at all times. 



Relaxed, friendly work style using everyday language to fully address your training, evaluation and coaching needs.

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Kathy A. Hickman

B.A., B.Ed., MBA

St. John’s, NL


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