You have an expensive, essential machine. Would you use it continuously without inspections, maintenance and upgrades? Of course not! Well then, how are you caring/investing in the upkeep of your people and yourself?

What Can Hickman Consulting Do For You?

Training, Facilitation and Speaking for Groups and Organizations

Maximize Training
& Development
Keep your team informed and client responsive with ongoing staff training & development.

Keep your team and leaders engaged, up-to-date, high performing and delivering value to those you serve. Learning will also enhance employee and client retention - learning has never been more important.

Plan to Succeed

Topics Include:

  • * Writing Proposals that Win
  • * Coaching: A Critical Managerial Tool
  • * Managing Projects Effectively: An Introduction
  • * Strategic Planning: Based on Data and Focused on Action
  • * Effective Board Governance - The Fundamentals
  • * Developing High Impact Presentations

Maintain A High Performance Team Topics Include:

  • * Delivering Engaging, Effective Learning Sessions
  • * Creating and Sustaining a Respectful Workplace
  • * Meeting Management Success
  • * Dealing Well with Difficult People
  • * Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Work
  • * Working Well Together: Team Building
  • * Succeeding in the Intergenerational Workplace
  • * Working Towards Work Life Balance

Professional Coaching

Personalized, one on one coaching to succeed in your career(including international clients) and to lead your business or team forward.

Assessing and EvaluationPinpoint areas for improvement performance in your team, unit, division, business or board via electronic surveys, document review, focus groups, staff discussions and key informant interviews.