Hickman Consulting Services

Facilitating Remarkable Improvements!

Facilitating remarkable improvements in groups and YOU via training, facilitating, evaluating and career coaching.

Professional Coaching Services

Job Search Support

  • Preparing your 'picture perfect, targeted' resume and cover letter
  • Helping you navigate job loss or dissatisfaction to prepare for job search
  • Helping many Chinese and domestic students and professionals to prepare
    and succeed in their job search
  • Helping many international and domestic students and professionals to
    understand and succeed in our NL work culture
  • Acing your next interview - be prepared, confident and informed


Career Development and Work Success

  • Improving the report writing and presentation delivery of many domestic
    and Chinese students and professionals
  • Coaching to grow your network in meaningful ways
  • Strengthening presentation skills and boasting your confidence
  • Coaching you to better support your team and facilitate effective
  • Meeting monthly with clients to ensure ongoing achievement of your
    specific business, team and/or professional goals
  • Preparing retirees to move to their next career


On-going Proven Success in Coaching Clients to:

  • Gain admission to professional schools, such as Medicine, Optometry
    and Pharmacy
  • Land 'plum' work term jobs, first jobs after graduation, and new
    jobs/promotions during your career and
  • Transition to a new career after retirement!


Your friends and family cannot provide the objective, informed perspective that I bring you in reviewing your background and planning your career forward. Today's dynamic workplace is more demanding and diverse than ever before - and, I will help you succeed.

Professional Coaching Reference
"Moving into a new career in midlife and successfully getting an interview after contracting Kathy to help me understand effective job search in 2016 and to revise my resume and cover letter, she also coached me to gain confidence and present the authentic me at the interview. And, I got the perfect job which was a dream come true. Working with Kathy was a pleasure and worth every cent!"
Linda Budgell

Retired Professional
With a New Career

Professional Coaching Reference
"Kathy is an exceptional coach and will give you information that friends and family cannot and will not give you. She is easy to deal with, provides excellent suggestions and greatly enhances confidence. Kathy provided me with all the necessary tools to successfully compete at interviews at professional schools. I feel privileged that she coached me and with her help -- I achieved acceptance to graduate schools."
H. Moores

Student - Memorial University of Newfoundland


Professional Coaching Reference
"Throughout my University studies, I reached out to Kathy's help with work term and study challenges. Not knowing the NL culture or English language very well - she really helped me with getting and keeping a job."
G. Wong

Student -Memorial University of Newfoundland

Professional Coaching Reference
"Sharing my social media expertise via presentations and training is a key part of my business. Kathy helped me develop a structure for more effective presentations, create engaging discussions and activities for my audience, and improve my public speaking skills. She has built my confidence and saved me great time and effort - thank you Kathy!"
K. Hobbs

Small Business/Consulting

Professional Coaching Reference
"Kathy totally prepared me for the most important interview of my life - she
helped me see the interview in an entirely different way and gave me tons of great tips for standing out from other applicants and highlighting my
specific and relevant strengths and skills. I approached the interview with confidence, had meaningful answers to all the questions, and know that her coaching really improved how I prepare and behave at interviews. I enjoyed every minute of my coaching sessions with Kathy. And, I got the position!!!"
Michael D.